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Business Overview


  • It is a mandatory system to authorize to sell only the products certified by safety certification agency in order to prevent electrical appliances from causing accidents by risks and malfunction such as fire and electric shock.

Safety Certification

It tests the electrical appliance’s compatibility according to the safety standards as well as inspects the factory to confirm the manufacturer’s capability to maintain the quality of electrical appliance, verifying the safety of electrical appliances before being distributed to the market.

Periodic Inspection

It is a follow-up system by the safety certificate authority to ensure the safety of certified products continues to be maintained, conducting factory inspection and product test once a year, and amongst certified models, one product from 11 product categories is tested. (The manufacturer is responsible for paying the cost of periodic inspection)

Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act and Related Law

For safety management system for electrical appliances, Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act is amended (Effective on July 31, 2014) - an advanced safety management system that is divided with a mandatory safety certification and safety confirmation report depending on the risk degrees, and amongst electrical appliances with low risk of safety can be designated as items to declare the supplier’s conformity, to self-check and self-report the safety, and to sell the products.

Safety Check and Report

When the products have gone through tests by safety certificate authority and satisfied the safety standards, the manufacturers and importers can report them to the safety certificate authority and sell them. This eliminates the periodic inspection process (factory inspection + product test) of once a year that previously existed during safety certification procedure. However, the safety check and report expires after five years.

Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity System

Manufacturers or importers self-confirm or have a third party confirm the safety of products and mark the conformity with the safety standards

1. Manufacturers or importers of electrical appliances, which are applicable for the confirmation of supplier compatibility, comply with ordinance of Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, and self-test or have a third party test models of electrical appliances, which are applicable for the confirmation of supplier compatibility, and to confirm that the products satisfy Item 2 of the safety standards. (Hereinafter referred as “Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity”)

2. Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity shall be in accordance with Item 2 of Article 11 of safety standards.
3. After the manufacturer or importer confirms the supplier’s declaration of conformity for electrical appliances, they will comply with Item 2 of safety standards by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards.

Safety Certification, Safety Check and Report and Supplier's Declaration of Conformity System

Comparison of Safety Management System

Category Safety certification Safety confirmation system Supplier’s declaration of conformity
Product test Test on electrical safety Manufacturers and importers conduct it on their own
Factory check Manufacturing and inspecting equipment X X
Raw materials, process inspection X
Product inspection X
Review and proofread inspection equipment X
Certification, report Issue the certification Issue the report
Periodic inspection (Follow-up management) Product Test (Safety) X
(Validity: 5 years )
Factory check

Required Documents


What is the basic model?

It refers to the model(s) of electrical appliances with standard safety certification which the electrical appliances have the same parts that directly affect the safety applicable standards and their safety.

What is the derivative model?

Compared to the basic model, the basic structure related to electrical circuits and safety are the same as the basic model, but the parts of these models that directly affect electrical safety do not change while additional functions are added or deleted (including a change in electrical circuit that does not directly affect electrical safety) or the shape or trademark is changed.

Documents and Samples for New Application

Required Documents

① Application for Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate
② List of safety components and insulation materials
③ Circuit diagram
④ Safety certification
⑤ Product manual in Korean
⑥ Category of derivative model and product specifications
⑦ Power of attorney
⑧ Questionnaire of factory inspection (for initial screening only)
⑨ CB Test Certificate (if available)
⑩ CB Test Report (if available)
⑪ Transformer Spec (about the product)
⑫ LED Chip Spec (about the product)

Issue a sample confirmation for customs: Issue at the same time when the safety certification is applied. Issue a sample confirmation for customs: Issue at the same time as safety certification is applied

Sample Preparation

① 2 units of applicable products (1 unit when there is no need for electromagnetic interference test) or the amount set by the safety standards
② Other materials or parts needed for the test (if necessary)

Required Documents and Samples for Modification

When adding the derivative model or parts

① Application for safety certification
② Summary of change request
③ The original copy of Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate (via mail)
④ Fees (Additional fee for a derivative model test)
⑤ Related samples/photos needed for the test

Business Process