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What is conformity assessment?

The conformity assessment on communication appliances is implemented in accordance with Item 2 of Article 58 of Radio Waves Act and is categorized into three certifications of conformity certification, conformity registration, and provisional certification. Anyone who wants to manufacture, sell, or import communication equipment must receive one of three certifications of conformity certification, conformity registration, and provisional certification for the product.

Category of Conformity Assessment System

① Conformity Certification
In case of manufacturing, selling or importing equipment that may harm the propagation environment and broadcasting communication network or that may significantly disrupt electromagnetic waves or be influenced by it

② Conformity Registration
In case of manufacturing, selling or importing communication appliances that are not applicable for conformity

③ Provisional Conformity
In case of manufacturing, selling or importing appliances by tagging the them with regional, validity and certified conditions after the conformity assessment according to domestic and international standards, specifications and technical standards, due to missing the standards of conformity assessment on communication appliances or because of unavailability of conformity assessment for other reasons

Required Documents


What is the basic model?

It refers to the specimen of communication appliances that have the same internal electrical circuit, structure, and performance and similar functions.

What is the derivative model?

It refers to products that have similar electrical circuit, structure, and functions with the basic model and that use the same conformity assessment number as the basic model.

What is the conformity assessment?

- Because this is certification by model, the name of every model from the same manufacturing plants must be different.
- When the same product is being manufactured at various factories with different addresses, the certification does not need to be obtained by every manufacturing factory. (But, an additional change by the manufacturer must be made.)
- When the same product is being imported by the importer or seller, each needs to obtain the conformity registration.

Required Documents

Conformity Certification Conformity Registration Provisional Certification
Application for conformity assessment User’s manual (Korean) Exterior map Map or photo of component arrangement Circuit diagram Statement of power of attorney Business registration certificate User’s manual Circuit diagram Application for conformity assessment Declaration to prove the conditions of conformity assessment standards Statement of power of attorney Business registration certificate Operating frequency of product’s internal components User’s manual Circuit diagram Scope and product characteristics of thebasic model and derivative model (When there is the derivative model) Application for conformity assessment Technical documents (Korean) Report of self-test results User’s manual (Korean) Exterior map Statement of power of attorney Business registration certificate Operating frequency of product’s internal components Circuit diagram

Sample Preparation

① 2 units of applicable products 2 (1 unit when there is no need for safety certification for electrical appliances) or the amount set by the safety standards
② Additional equipment and accessories needed for the test (e.g. various cables, exclusive loading (including jig), etc.)

Required Documents and Samples for Modification

In case of adding/deleting the derivative model and removing, replacing, or adding parts

① Application for conformity assessment
② Written summary to prove the changes
③ Attach the original conformity assessment certification
④ Submit related samples when a test is required (Additional testing fee and certification fee)
⑤ Documents related to conformity registration of the above (Same as new application)

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Submission No.

It will be given in the order received at ECS.


Conformity Assessment Please submit a copy of application per basic model.


- If you’re applying for the first time, please write “Application Request” in the field of request of company, and if this is not your first time, please enter the 3-digit identification code assigned by National Radio Research Agency.
- Please check the boxes that are applicable.

Applicable Equipment

- Please write the product code that the applicant manages in the field of product identification code. (It can be same as the basic model) (But, it has to be within 14 characters (in English, number, and hyphens (-))
- Please write the equipment code by referring to “Equipment codes and signs for communication appliances”.
- Please write the product’s name, rating, basic model, and derivative model (if any).
- If you have the derivative model, please fill out in detail with a comparison table of the basic model.
- Please mark the test area that is applicable for conformity assessment standards.
- When there are various manufacturers and manufacturing countries (including addresses), please write each of them separately.

Change Request (if applicable)

- Please check the box that is applicable for changes.
- Please submit the original copy of conformity registration certificate.
- Please write and submit the documents to prove the changes in detail.

Request Pre-customs Test

When a foreign manufacturer or an agent applies for the conformity assessment, please make a note to request pre-customs clearance for imported samples that need for the test.

Sample Treatment after test

For shipping service, please write the recipient and the address accurately where the sample will be delivered. The recipient is responsible for the shipping cost. For items that cannot be delivered (products worth over 3 million won or which weigh over 60kg), please contact us for other transportation services.

Business Process